En god, lagret årgang 65'ers hallelujaer og hovsaer

En god, lagret årgang 65'ers hallelujaer og hovsaer

Poetry Vibes 🖌

🌙 Peace of mine

At times I have a restless soul • My mind’s a mess without control • I close my eyes and fall apart • Search silence in my beaten heart • Collect my thoughts then grab a pen • And back I am in peace again

🌙 Nostalgia

I miss the days with cash and no cards • With phones on the wall and numbers in hearts • I miss the letters with handwritten “hey”s • Now we have Facebook with comments and likes • I miss the kids with swing ropes so fine • Instead of a youth who’s constant online • I miss a world where all humans counts • And not how much your richness amounts

🌙 Duality

All of those dreams • All of those games • All of those bodies • They had no names • They were our vision • They were so real • They were our thoughts • All with a seal

Could we consider • Could it be said • Could we just simply • Let all this fade • Let us be all • Let in no fuss • Let this love grow .• Could it be us?

🦹🏼‍♀‍ Spider Girl

Some years ago was brought to me • A little soul so pure and free • She’s tiny but so fun and wild • She makes me laugh she makes me smile • Her eyes are blue and full of stars • Speaks wisdom without hurt and scars • I pray for love to follow her • Throughout the life and with no blur • Cause I won’t always be nearby • My Spider Girl - grandma’s delight 

🌙 Secret lover

Deep in his eyes she swims and lingers • He touches her soul with magical fingers • They call for release they call for her rivers • She feels the waves her whole body shivers • Two tears run silent and soft down her cheeks • Again she is lost again she is weak • She knows he lives in a darkness of pain • She feels all his hurt she can’t break the chain • He brings her to life for a few stolen hours • Then hides her away - his own secret lover

🌙 MeMe

A fighting mind • A restless soul • A heart which owns a mighty hole • A lions strength • A childs belief • A skin which needs a mans relief

🌙The roar of a kitten

Pick me up shake me around • Make me feel like I can’t touch the ground • Bring me laughter tickle my ear • Tell me secrets only I should hear • Feed my soul spin my head • Make me dinner and take me to bed • Give me love show me the world • Then U got me simple as curled

🌙 Crime rime

You promised me forever • You looked me in the eyes • You swore to me you loved me • With soft voice like the skies • But you were never mine • And that’s okay you see • I’ve always wished to write • A murder mystery

🌙 Disco delight

I really miss those disco nights • In high heeled shoes and silver tights • With glitter lips and eyes so blue • I danced until the sun came through • So young and free a true believer • A rebel heart with dancing fever • Wild colours jumped from disco balls • Dance music beated from the walls • Now I just dance to candlelights • Oh how I miss those disco nights

🌙 Tartless

I once knew a pure hearted tart • She really loved to play the dart • Her arrows flew with love in disguise • Against the board of hope and lies • She played with strength she played with trust • She showed it all it was a must • Again and again she hit the walls • It broke her heart for tears it called • One day her heart called out to her • Hey girl stop searching for a Sir • Go live your life be wild be free • True love will come for sure you see

🌙 Take away blues

I know a guy from my childhood street • He’s tall and handsome with beautiful feet • When I get lonely he takes on his shoes • And ends at my door with his take away moves

🌙 Daemons and Tequila

So many daemons have crossed my way  • Some showed me Tequila some taught me to pray • They came as angels with wings full of lies • They came as humans with tears in their eyes • So many were broken but I could not be • The saviour and healer we both saw in me • Sometimes it feels like it all was in vain • Why all that sorrow and buckets of pain • Could it be it all was just lessons in living • That I was in hell and the daemons were giving • I think I will pray to the Goddess in me • And pour a Tequlia and then set her free.

🌙 Moonman

With the warmth of your smile • A voice like skies of cotton • You found the love in me • Pushed my Enter-button • You handed me the Moon • Letting my foolish mind be free • And that is why my dear • I write you poetry

🌙 4 AM

I thought I was healed I thought I was whole • But again the pain is eating my soul • An empty shell of loss and betrayal • My heart is locked in this emotionally jail • The child in me is scared and small • The woman is trying to break her wall • I'm wondering if I will ever survive • The man who left me in sixtyfive